Day in the life, Winter 2017

I am participating in Julia’s Day in the Life round-up for the first time. It felt a bit tedious at times to write it all down, but I love the idea of being able to look back on a typical day at this stage of our lives.

Neil and I are 31
HP is 4.5
E is 2.25

Day recorded: Saturday, January 14, 2016. Please excuse all of the awful lighting in the pictures. As I will note, it is dark, gray, and rainy which does not lend itself to beautiful photos.

5:50 I wake up. I consider trying to go back to sleep as today was going to be Neil’s day to wake up early with the kids.

6:10 I decide to go ahead and get out of bed, hoping to get in a few minutes of reading before the kids are up.

6:11 No such luck. E hears me in the living room and I hear her loudly declare: “I’m ready to wake up!” #smallhouseproblems I get her milk and cashews and start putting away the dry dishes in the sink while I start my coffee.

6:15 E is happy so I sneak off to the living room for a few minutes of reading. I eye the laundry on the drying racks and think about how it needs to be put away.

6:30 E comes in and finds me, HP wakes up and joins us. The three of us read. Partway through the second book, Neil wakes up and comes out. He goes in the kitchen to make his oats while we continue reading.

7:10 HP requests painting and I get him set up at the table.

7:20 Neil and I chat about our plans for the day–we need to get groceries and make a run to the Habitat Restore. HP moves on from paint and asks for crayons. E is playing in the living room. After our conversation I sneak off to the guest room to drink my coffee and finish my book.

7:45 After I finish, I check in on the family in the living room. They are building a house for the friend dog (E) while Neil is the mommy lion and HP is the baby lion. In these games HP often suggests a role for E but she is usually adamant about being either a cat or a dog and HP concludes that she can be their friend who is a dog and since they are friends they won’t eat each other. Everyone wins. I leave them to go shower and get ready for the day.

8:10 I finish listening to the latest NPR politics podcast while I put away my clothes. (Neil has put away most of the laundry but left my stuff as I am particular about how it gets folded.) I start making the grocery list and Neil and I chat more about who is going to do what this morning. I remember to reserve the recording studio at the library so Abby and I can record an episode of Friendlier tomorrow. HP and E are busy in the living room. E is peeling wrappers off of crayons, not sure what HP was doing.

8:30 I eat breakfast (orange, cashews, sauerkraut–the pickings were slim; we really need groceries!), start a load of laundry, and get our bulk containers ready for the grocery trip. While I am doing this Neil is getting the kids dressed for the day. (HP is hiding in the hamper in the picture below.)

9:00 I leave for the store, Neil and the kids are going to the farmers’ market for bread and a few veggies. The ride is gray, wet, and cold. We have not seen the sun in what feels like weeks, it has been day after day of clouds and rain.

9:15 Shopping at the co-op by myself–so luxurious!

10:15 Ride back. Still raining. Still cold. Still gray.

10:30 Arrive back home and unload. Neil starts getting ready to head to the Restore. With the weather we decided it would be easier to keep the kids at home. Plus, he’s going to try and find a chair which would be impossible to get home with the kids without them getting soaking wet.

10:45 I continue unloading the groceries and make some sausage for lunch. We usually don’t buy meat, but it was calling to me today. HP and E both love it, so I know they will be happy with that choice.

Partway through unloading I realize I left my funnel at the store (I use it to get the bulk stuff in my containers more easily), which makes transferring some of the stuff from bags to containers a challenge. Popcorn and rice spill all over the counter, which HP helpfully picks up to make a “stew.” E is missing from the activities–I find her in the backroom building with train tracks.

11:25 I go in the living room to eat some food while scrolling Instagram, when I hear shouts from the back room. HP is upset and wants to read a book. We read one he picks and one E picks.

11:35 I contemplate the fact that we need to straighten up, hang the load of laundry I started this morning, and do diaper laundry today. I do none of those things and head back to the kitchen. I wasn’t planning on making applesauce today, but we have a few seconds left from the farmers’ market and all of the produce I bought today didn’t fit in the drawer. I convince myself to get it done and start chopping apples to throw in the Instant Pot.

HP is in the kitchen with me, and E is off playing independently (par for the course in our house–HP likes to be wherever I am; E usually doesn’t care). I clean the kitchen after the applesauce is in the pot. HP sweeps the kitchen floor and tells me we are going to clean today.

12:05 Neil’s home with potting soil, a new container to pot a plant into, and a chair. He eats lunch and reads the paper while I start straightening the house. HP cuts out all of the “candy” he drew earlier this morning (X candy that tastes like turnips, a square candy that tastes like carrots, and a candy cane).

12:40 I go to clean the bathroom (company coming tonight, HP was spot on with his cleaning statement), minus the shower. We don’t have anyone come to clean our house, but if we did, a driving force would be my hatred of cleaning showers.

12:50 I eat more food while Neil sweeps and vacuums the house. E is busy with pots and pans. HP is making a costume for Halloween out of newspaper and tape.

The applesauce is done. I blend it then put it in jars.

1:00 I disappear in the guest room to do some writing. I was going to go to the library to work, but decided I didn’t want to go back out in the rain. I work on drafting this post and editing another.

The kids are having their rest time. E rests and/or naps in her room. It is about 50/50 whether she will nap or not. I almost prefer the days she doesn’t as bedtime is easier. If she does nap then we have to wake her up, otherwise she sleeps past four and has a lot of trouble falling asleep at night. HP is in the living room. He usually listens to Sparkle Stories or does some kind of craft (drawing or cutting).

3:10 I wrap up what I’m working on and head out to the living room. I discovered Neil hung up the laundry during rest. I thought E must have napped as she was so quiet during rest time, but turns out she was just playing quietly in her room. Getting her to rest in her room on the days she isn’t napping has been a real struggle, so this is major progress.

HP is wound up and we decide to make banana oatmeal cookies. I follow this recipe that has just two ingredients: bananas and oats. Usually the kids help, but they disappear into the backroom to work on puzzles together.

3:30 They are done with puzzles and E requests a book. After I read to them, Neil gets them ready to go into the backyard. They fill the bird feeder, move the plants into the bigger pots Neil got this morning, and play outside. Neil takes out the compost while hanging out with them.

I prep veggies for this lentil soup recipe while catching up on Harry Potter and the Sacred Text. At some point I start diaper laundry.

4:00 HP has to come in and take a break with me when he had trouble listening and playing well with E. The cookies are ready so he calms down and has one of those, then heads back out.

4:30 Everyone is back inside. I straighten up the house while Neil tells stories to the kids on the couch. They have both been requesting stories featuring themselves, and Neil obliges.

5:30 Our dinner guests arrive. We enjoy the soup I made topped with yogurt and the delicious kale salad they brought. The kids did surprisingly well considering how exhausted they were. HP only ate yogurt, which is par for the course for him. HP and E only lasted a few minutes at the table, then disappeared to the backroom to play, making frequent trips back to tell us one thing or another.

6:40 The kids are back in the living room making slides out of couch cushions. I get E ready for bed and put her down. She is barely hanging on and falls asleep almost immediately.

7:00 Neil gets HP ready for bed, after which I read him a book and he goes to sleep. He runs out once to tell me to check on him in “five plus four minutes”, which is a standard request these days.

8:45 Our guests leave. I realize we still have to hang up the diapers. Ugh. Neil offers to do it if I clean the kitchen (his usual task). I finish up listening to a podcast while I clean.

9:15 We get ready for bed, I check my email and scroll Instagram. I help HP use the potty before we retire for the night.

9:30 Lights out. And so ends our day in the life.