Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Living seasonally, winter edition

On Friday it was seventy degrees. On Saturday there was freezing rain or our ride to the market. We had a good run with an unusually warm fall, but there is no denying it--the cold has officially arrived.

It is easy to bemoan winter and all of the challenges it brings, especially when dealing with young children confined inside. We essentially live outdoors during the spring, summer, and fall. Winter is a different beast.

This year I am trying to embrace the concept of living seasonally and focus my energy on the positive aspects of winter. It is a time to turn inward, slow down, and spend more time with family. As I write this I am awake before the rest of the house, curled up in a blanket, watching the fire with my hot cup of coffee. Perfection.

Things I am looking forward to:

The holidays. HP and I are already discussing Christmas--baking cookies, what presents he would like (a drum), what E might like (a plant for their room), and gifts for other family members (leaves). Neil and I have tickets to see Oliver and my book club has planned a holiday gathering and book exchange. December is already feeling full, but in a good way.

Warm drinks by the fire. A frequent repeat of this morning would be welcome.

Watching HP play in the snow. Last year he couldn't go out nearly as much as he liked because we lived on a busy street with no fence. E did not like the cold and was often napping when he wanted to go out. This year, he'll have free rein to go out as often as he likes, even if the rest of us want to stay inside. Both kids are old enough to enjoy sledding at the park or down the hill in our front yard. HP is already discussing his snowman building and driveway clearing plans and this will be the first year E can join in the fun.

Playing games after the kids are in bed. Neil and I bought Quixx on our trip to Missouri this month and it has renewed our desire to play games together. Neil's family will be in town for Thanksgiving this week and I am sure we'll play at least a few rounds of cards. I would love to some other folks in town who would be interested in a semi-regular game night.

All the hot soups. So easy to make, so satisfying to eat.

Good books. I read all year, but something about winter makes me want to dive in more than usual. On deck at the moment: A Little Life, The Underground Railroad, and The High Mountains of Portugal.

The new year. A fresh start, time to make goals, what's not to love? I especially appreciate the blank slate after the rush of the holidays.

Winter, I welcome you.

*A new episode of Friendlier is up today--all about food. I would love for you to give it a listen!

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