Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Life lately

Telling everyone I know about this book. It is well-written, fascinating, and just the act of reading it makes me love Bloomington even more than I already do.*-

Needing new rain gear. I rode to church in a downpour last Sunday and arrived completely soaked. So soaked, that I had to go into the bathroom, wring my shirt out, and put it back on. I bought my raincoat and rain pants before we moved to Oregon in 2008 and they seem to have lost all of their water repelling abilities over the years.

Excited that the school year has started! We had a great summer, but I am more ready for the routine of preschool. First day was on Monday; all smiles at pick-up!

Trying to spend less on groceries this month. What can I say? We love to eat nuts and good cheese. We'll see how we do.

Loving our house more every day. It feels good to settle in. (And now have working ceiling fans in all the  bedrooms!)

Thankful that my mom is visiting while Neil is in California at a conference.

Refreshed from my weekend in Chicago. Having forty-eight kid-free hours to explore a new city with old friends was just what I needed to fill my tank. See also: delicious ramen, sushi, and pizza.

Wanting to find at least one play and concert to attend this fall.

Planning more ways for our family to explore nature in the area. Perhaps a bike-ride one Saturday to a nearby lake?

Joining a newly-formed book club next month. I so loved my book club in Austin and have been wanting to find one here. Now I have!

Listening to Harvey sing the state song over and over. And over. He especially likes to sing it in the back of the bucket bike.

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