Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Life lately

Eating all the summertime produce. There is so much variety at the farmers' market this time of year--peaches, blueberries, green beans, tomatoes, corn--that we are loading up on Saturdays in addition to picking up our full share CSA on Wednesdays. HP particularly loves the corn and cherry tomatoes.

Stuck in a reading slump. This is the third year in a row that my reading has slowed waaaaaay down in June and July. It is also the third year that we have had a move in those months, which is likely not a coincidence. Recommendations of truly excellent books are welcome to get me back in the reading game.

Watching swim lessons from behind a bush. HP started lessons but does much better when he can't see me. I love seeing him do something new and stretch himself out of his comfort zone.

Thinking about this article and this podcast, both which I found insightful and challenging in the best kind of way.

Brainstorming with Abby about starting a podcast together. Eeek!

Inspired by Kelsey to make a photo book for each of my kids. I need to set a date to complete it and schedule in time to make it happen. I know both kids would love looking at pictures of themselves and hearing the accompanying stories.

Closing in on minimizing all of our possessions. The milk crate of files and a few items yet to be unpacked are awaiting their fate, but otherwise feeling like we have just the right amount of stuff.

Prioritizing going to the gym again, including some 6 a.m. classes. Biking and walking everywhere keeps me active, but it does not compare to a great workout class.

Celebrating one year in Bloomington! I regularly think about how glad I am that this opportunity came up for Neil; it is just the place we want to be to raise our family.

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