Thursday, February 11, 2016


Reading Zero Waste Home and Plastic-Free. We have made some major changes as a result of those books, which I will write more about soon. They were challenging to read, but too important not to.

Listening to Susan Cain's podcast Quiet. I have already raved about her book by the same name on multiple occasions. Neil and I are both introverts raising two introverts. I love hearing someone speak intelligently about what that means and who do not treat it as a handicap, but an asset. Her podcast specifically focuses on raising quiet kids. It has made me even more thankful for HP's preschool teachers who have accepted him exactly as he is.

Culturing yogurt, kefir, and kombucha. Jury is still out on how I feel about kefir.

Watching the final season of Parks and Rec with Neil. It is rare that we find a show that we both enjoy and I will be sad when we reach the end. Anyone have any recommendations for what we should watch next?

Reveling in the fact that on Sunday night both my children slept through the night. 6:45 to 6:15 for the youngest and 7:15 to 6:30 for the oldest. This may be only the fifth time that has happened. Ever. And both sleeping past 6 a.m.? That, my friends, is living the dream.

Bursting with pride at HP's recent developmental leaps. He has hit his stride in preschool and I am just so dang proud of him.

Cooking with my new Instant Pot. I was hesitant to buy a large kitchen appliance when we are trying to reduce the amount of stuff we own. And, to be honest, the way we were cooking before was working, so why change? I was finally sold based its versatility: it is a yogurt maker, slow-cooker, and pressure cooker all-in-one. I am still figuring out all of its uses and how to make the most of it. So far we've made beans, yogurt, red lentil curry, and butternut-ginger soup.

Surprised at how easily E transitioned from the pack-n-play back to the floor bed. We made the decision to try it on a whim this weekend and it's been relatively smooth sailing since. Some background: HP has always used a floor bed, and E started it one, but when we went through the moves and traveling last summer we put her to the pack-n-play so she would have a constant amid all the changes. We tried to switch back in late summer, but it was disaster. Take two: success!

Excited for my mom's visit this weekend.

Feeling nostalgic for the newborn days. One of my very best friends had her baby over the weekend, as did two acquaintances. Seeing all of the newborn pics has taken me back to those early days with my children. I am so happy to be where we are as a family, but a days-old baby? Be still, my heart.


  1. Have I recommended Brooklyn 99 to you? It is a good option when you're done with Parks and Rec.

    1. Yes! You mentioned that when I visited, but I had forgotten. I will add it to the list. Thanks!