Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Life lately

We are settling into life in Bloomington. Some thoughts on life lately:

August in Indiana is lovely. Such a welcome change from Austin this time of year. I know, I know, we'll pay for come winter. But no need to focus on that now; I'd rather soak up every beautiful second while it lasts.

We live so much closer to Neil's work than we did in Austin. Twice already we've met up with him for lunch at a nearby park. One of the many perks of small(er) town living.

Earlier this week HP and I went to a "Meet the Teacher" for preschool. That's right, my first born is going to preschool next week. How did he get so big? I know that he is going to rock it. It will give him an opportunity to make new friends here and spend time with another adult in charge. It will give me time to myself and to focus on E. A win all around. This year he'll be going two days a week for three hours in the morning, which I think will be just right.

Baby E. What can I even say? She is the sweetest, happiest little lady around. It is almost enough to make me want another baby. Almost.

I've been in a reading slump lately and have had trouble finding something that sucks me in. I have three book club books coming up later this month (two through meetups here in town that I am doing in an effort to meet new people and one through Google Hangouts with college friends). I haven't started any of them. I guess I know what I'll be reading for the rest of the month!

E is so close to being ready to regularly ride a bike. We need to get her helmet situation sorted and then we'll be off. I am looking forward to the speed and ease of traveling by bike again. Soon! Until then, we'll continue wheeling around town with the double stroller.

Life finally feels like it is slowing down as we find our new normal here. After the whirlwind that was the spring and early summer, I am enjoying the slower pace. Especially when slower pace = impromptu trumpet concerts.


  1. Not sure what your reading preferences are, but here are 2 recommendations for when you're finished with your book club responsibilities: (1) non-fiction - Primates of Park Avenue by Wednesday Martin (mommy-related) and (2) fiction Who do you love by Jennifer Weiner (not specifically mommy-related). Just curious as to what age you think is appropriate for a baby to start on a bike . . . any helmet suggestions? Any opinions re: handlebar seat vs rear seat? Thanks! Sara

    1. Thanks for the book suggestions! I am on my third of three book clubs so will be heading to the library soon for more. Primates of Park Ave looks particularly interesting.

      I am going to post next week about starting to bike with our daughter. She just turned 10 months and today was her second day on the front seat (Yepp Mini). I love the front seat for younger kids. It's so great to be able to talk to them and I feel like I have better control of the bike with the weight in the front. We use a back seat for my son (age 3) now that he's outgrown the front and it is fine, but I am glad we started with the front one.

      As for helmets, we use the Lazer Bob Infant to start and then HP graduated to a Giro when outgrew the Lazer. Hope that helps!

    2. Thanks for the update! We miss you!

    3. We miss you, too. Hopefully we'll see each other next time you are visiting your in-laws!