Monday, August 24, 2015

Baby's first bike ride

It's official. Everyone in the family is now on a bike. A biking family of four! I am so glad to have reached this milestone.

There is conflicting advice on the best time to start riding with children. Just like with HP, we waited until E was around ten months to start riding as a family. This age felt comfortable for us because it was when (1) both our kids were sitting very confidently by themselves (and had been for some time) and (2) the helmet finally fit.

E's first ride was a week or two after she turned nine months. We weren't planned on starting then, but HP needed to go to urgent care and we hadn't gotten our front seat set up for her. I loaded the kids in the trailer and off we went.

She hated it.
Fast forward three weeks. We adjusted the straps on our beloved Yepp Mini and the Lazer infant helmet to make the ride safe and comfortable for E. We took a short trip to visit Neil for lunch at his work with plans to continue on to the local children's museum. The museum was closed for cleaning, but all was not lost as HP enjoyed playing in the fountain outside City Hall. E hated wearing the helmet--which was her main protest in the trailer. More specifically, she disliked getting the helmet on. Once we were moving she was content. I wouldn't say she loved it, but she didn't complain when we were on the road.

HP's preschool was a huge motivator for getting E on the bike. His class is only three hours long, so if we walked the 1.5 miles each way E and I would be spending most of the morning taking him there, rushing home for her nap, then walking back as soon as she woke up. It would be a lot of sitting in the stroller for E and while I love a good walk, I didn't want to commit to six miles every preschool morning.

I was not completely satisfied with the way the front seat sat on the Yuba Mundo (pictured above) so I decided to switch to my Electra Ticino for the preschool drop-off. Success! E seems to be enjoying the ride more each time we go.

It is such a relief to be biking again. I had gotten used to walking everywhere over the last ten months and honestly didn't feel too anxious or impatient to bike with E. But getting back on the bike was like talking to an old friend I hadn't seen in years. We've only been biking a week, but I already feel the same wave of freedom I felt when HP reached this milestone. Biking is easier, faster, and more convenient.

E, welcome the world's superior form of transportation. I hope you are ready for many family adventures traveling on two wheels, because now that you are on a bike there's no stopping us.

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