Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Live, from Indiana!

Since I last wrote (four months ago--yikes!), a lot has happened:

  • Neil applied for, got an offer, and accepted a new job in Bloomington, Indiana.
  • We moved out of our rental, put our stuff in storage, and moved into a one-bedroom apartment for the month of June.
  • We said good-bye to our Austin friends and flew off on vacation to Colorado.
  • Neil flew back to Austin to (1) get the house on the market and (2) load all of our belongings into a 6ftx10ft trailer. (Thanks, Neil!)
  • I flew to Missouri with the kids to spend time with family and have the kids be out of the way while Neil was wrapping everything up in Austin.
  • We all met up in Bloomington to unpack and settle into our new life.

Phew! It's been a lot. I feel like I haven't had a chance to catch my breath since, oh, about April. But now we are here. Our Austin house is under contract, we are 90% unpacked, and no move in sight.

Thank goodness.

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