Monday, December 8, 2014

Simplifying toys

It is no secret that I have been purging our belongings since our move to the rental house. With each new sweep through the house, I find even more things we can do without. I started by focusing on my own stuff, then on to communal items, and eventually to HP's toys and belongings.

Even before my interest in minimalism, I do not think he had an excessive amount of toys. We have been intentional about not bringing in too much and are fortunate to have relatives who give him thoughtful gifts without going overboard. During my latest effort to minimize, I took about a third of his toys and put them in the closet to be rotated back to the play area at a later time. With Christmas around the corner, I am sure even more will be put away as new ones take their place.

Here's a look at the current setup, starting with the main play area:

HP's room:

And finally, his little table where he likes to draw with markers:

We also have two cabinets in the living room with HP's stuff. One contains board books, the other has extra toys that usually only come out on playdates. He is allowed to get them out any time, he usually chooses another activity.

The reduction in toys has not adversely affected HP. I am not even sure he noticed that there were fewer toys out on the shelf or in his room. We want him to have plenty of things to spark his imagination and keep him engaged, but have learned that it takes very little to meet those goals. In fact, I have observed that having an overwhelming amount of toys out inhibits rather than fosters creative play. Ninety percent of the time, HP wants to do one of three things: (1) read books, (2) build with blocks, or (3) play outside. So all he really needs is a library card, things to stack/build, and access to the outdoors. It doesn't take much (in the way of physical objects) to keep a two-year old happy.

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  1. I love how you guys did his room, especially the book holder on the wall!