Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving in the country

We spent our Thanksgiving with one of my closest friends in Austin, her husband, and their toddler daughter who just happens to be HP's best friend. Sadly, they are moving to Portland at the end of the year.

Their family is temporarily living on 400 acres of property southwest of town. I hadn't made it out there since they moved a couple of months ago (biking isn't exactly an option) and was excited to see and explore the place we had heard so much about.

We loved getting out of the city and spending time with friends in nature. Living in the center of Austin allows us to be car-free, but I forget how nice it is to get away from it all and just be in a place less crowded, less hectic, and not covered in asphalt.

The ranch is a toddlers' paradise. The two of them had the best time climbing the mulch pile, going down the cardboard/mulch slide--on riding toys!, throwing rocks and sticks in the creek, and generally exploring the outdoors. They were both worn out by the time we left--the sign of a successful day outdoors.

Baby E was unimpressed with the festivities and spent the day asleep in the carrier.

Perfect weather, delicious food, good friends, and a beautiful setting. A lovely Thanksgiving, all around.

Now, on to Christmas!

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