Thursday, September 11, 2014

To do before I'm due

We are two months (or less) from this baby being on the outside. Before s/he makes his or her appearance, there are a few things we'd like to accomplish. Forgive the long list, but it helps me to take all of these thoughts out of my brain and onto the page.
  • More decluttering/minimizing/organizing. Specifically:
    • The big closet. We've sorted through the stuff we want to get rid of, but what's left is inaccessible. We need to create a system so we can easily get to our winter clothes and other items.
    • The pantry. I have already gone through this area once, but it could use more culling and organization.
    • The back porch and utility closet. I'm looking forward to spending more time on our deck once the weather cools off. Having a clutter-free area will make the experience much more pleasant.
    • Our external hard drive. We've been through multiple laptops since we started using this drive and I know we have duplicates or even triplicates of many photos stored under different names. I need to sort through, delete, and organize the files in a way that is easy to understand. We also want to start using a cloud backup system for our documents and photos.
  • Make freezer meals. I'd like to have several meals stocked up along with muffins, bread, and other staples to help us in those first few months. 
  • Decide where we are going to put the baby and set up that space. Our rental house has a weird layout and we aren't sure how to best use the space. Eventually we want HP and the baby to share a room, but that won't be for at least a year. For the first few weeks the baby will be in our room, but after that we need to have a plan in place. I am leaning toward converting the office, even though it means the baby will be on the opposite end of the house from us. Either way, it will require some consolidation and reorganization.
  • Build these shelves for HP. He loves to read and his books are everywhere, which makes me batty. Once these are in place we can rotate books through as needed.
  • Sign me up for life insurance. Neil has coverage through his work, but I do not. We'll just get a short term plan in case anything happens while our children are young. I have looked into it multiple times, but have never followed through.
  • Go to the dentist. At our two-year well-check they told us HP should start seeing the dentist yearly. It will be much easier to take him before the baby is born. Neil had his cleaning yesterday and mine is next week, so we'll all be set in that department soon.
  • Make Christmas plans. We are staying in Austin for Christmas, but we need to find out if anyone in our families is traveling and how we are handling gifts this year. My family just buys for the kids, but I am not sure what Neil's family's approach will be this year since it is unlikely that we'll all be together. I know I will not have the mental or physical energy to find thoughtful gifts after the baby arrives, so I want to get everything together early.
Writing it all out makes the list seem manageable. Neil's mom is visiting this weekend, but then our weekends are open until the birth. Right now, I am feeling a lot of motivation to tackle these tasks (nesting, anyone?). Hopefully that feeling lasts for the next seven weeks.

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