Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Life lately

Seedlings sprouting.
I was struck down with the flu last week for three days. It is always unpleasant, but feeling that ill while eight months pregnant with toddler running around is its own special form of misery. I thought I was in the clear, but was struck down again last night. And now HP has a cold. Neil is fine other than his seasonal allergies. Let's just say things have been a little rough 'round these parts.

I cannot stop getting rid of our stuff. I would say it's a problem, but I love it too much. We've decided to move HP into the office and make his current room the baby/playroom. Making that switch means we need to find a new home for some of office furniture. The desk we'll move into our room, but the filing cabinet and the bookshelf are getting sold on Craigslist. Getting rid of so much stuff you can eliminate pieces of furniture? Amazing.

Next project: sorting through all of the clothes for the baby and HP figuring out what we need/want to keep and what we can pass on. There is no need for such tiny people to have a wardrobes three times larger than their parents. Besides, the three giant boxes of clothes in the closet are taking up precious space that could be empty instead.

I know I already posted a list of things to do before the baby arrived, but it feels never ending. I have become more productive than usual in my efforts to get everything "ready" before a new person joins our family. Even so, it feels like the list is getting longer rather than shorter. Making curtains for the office/HP's new room (though that's Neil's domain--he's the genius with the sewing machine in our family), finishing up cloth book gifts for friends, figuring out what insurance we are all going to be on next year, take books cleared from the shelf to a used bookstore... It feels like as soon as I cross one thing off another takes its place.

The weather here is finally cool enough to open up our house in the evening. It was so chilly last night we had to turn off the overhead fan. Crisp fall mornings, how I love you. I am so looking forward to the long, mild winter of Central Texas. We went outside the other morning and HP said, "It's cold out!" It was 75 degrees. Oh, my little Texas boy.

Happy Wednesday.

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  1. Love that HP thought it was cold out at 75! I'm right there with him :)