Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall planting

Since we've moved into the rental house, I have let myself off the hook for gardening.

I have plenty of excuses, the most notable being that we moved in June--a terrible time for planting in Central Texas. While it is true that the summer heat that fries most plants to a crisp, I was ready to take a break. In fact, I mentally gave myself permission not to worry about growing food until the fall of 2015. Because let's be honest--gardening is not going to be a priority once the baby is here. know myself and am confident that weeding, planting, harvesting, and watering are going to be low on my list of things to do in the sleep-deprived days of having a newborn.

While I am still scaling back, I have reentered the realm of gardening a year sooner than anticipated. We had compost leftover from the spring, four-inch pots for seedlings, and seeds that were begging to be planted--all the ingredients for growing seedlings. If they are a success, I will use some of them plant a (small) garden in the front bed of the rental house and sell the excess through the Yard to Market Cooperative. A little extra income and/or food is always appreciated.

When HP saw the bucket of dirt on the table, he immediately wanted to help. He filled up the pots, planted a few seeds (quite liberally--not sure we need or want ten broccoli seeds per pot), and watered with the watering can. I love that he is at an age where he can help grow food and start to understand the process. Though for him, it is mostly about digging in the dirt. His first impulse after we finished planting was to dump the pots back into the bin. Looks like I'll need to find a safer place than the deck for the trays if I want the seedlings to flourish...

I had low (read: non-existent) expectations for gardening this fall, but am glad I decided to do something. Next step: clear out the grass that has taken over the front bed to make room for cilantro, collards, chard, broccoli, and cauliflower. A project for next weekend.

Here's to cooler weather and the crops that come with it!

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