Thursday, August 21, 2014

HP and the edamame

Here's a scene from our dinner on Tuesday night:
Me: Don't put that edamame in your nose, HP.

HP smiles as his pulls out the piece he was shoving up there.

Neil walks back to the table after filling up the plate with seconds. HP recognizes the opportunity to see what Dad will say about shoving food into his nostrils, looks straight at him, and puts the piece back in his nose.

Neil: We don't put food in our nose, HP. Please take it out.

HP proceeds to push the edamame with his finger, making it disappear into the depths of his nose.

Neil and I exchange a look.

Me: Did he really just do what I think he did?

Neil: I think so...
We took him over to the couch, brought out the flashlight, and tried to find the offending bean. It was in there alright, the edge just visible when he breathed.

After consulting Dr. Google, we determined that the bean likely wouldn't work itself out on its own, could fester, cause an infection, and/or be aspirated. Several unsuccessful attempts to retrieve it later, we called the after hours number for our doctor and got him an appointment at a clinic that stayed opened late.

HP seemed utterly unconcerned about the whole process. On the way to the doctor he was chatting away in the backseat about all of the vehicles and construction equipment he saw. In between excavator sightings, he would say, "Going to the doctor. Get the edamame out of your nose."

The doctor's visit itself was fine. The actual retrieval was traumatic for HP as we had to physically restrain him while the nurse shone a light up his nose and the doctor worked to get the edamame out. I am sure it didn't help matters that it was past his bedtime. As soon as she pulled it out he said, "Want to hold it!" I think we're going to pass on that one, kid.

He was back to his cheery self for the ride home.

The next day our peditrician's office called to see how he was doing and to make sure everything got taken care of after hours. Turns out our regular doctor has a trick she recommends: Cover the unaffected nostril, put your mouth over the child's and blow into it to force the offending particle out. Wish we would've known that sooner, as we likely could have saved ourselves a late night trip to the doctor. Next time.

Of course we hope HP has learned his lesson and there won't be a next time, though I am not counting on it since this conversation happened on the way home:
HP: Stick it in your ear? Said as he holds up an object ready for experimentation.

Neil: Let's not stick things into any of our orifices. That hasn't worked out so well for you tonight...


  1. Oh my goodness-- laughing so hard imagining his little toddler voice saying, "Stick it in your ear?"

  2. Oh my GOSH! I cried from laughing. Sorry this happened, but what a great story.