Monday, October 7, 2013

The joy of the bicycle

I love not having a car.

Of course there are times when it would be easier to have a motor vehicle, but those moments only arise a handful of times a year (or less).  The vast majority of the time I am happy and grateful to be pedaling to my destination.

Picture me sweating as I am riding up hills, barely able to suck in enough air, while HP happily points at passing trucks from his perch on the front seat.  Or blissfully sailing down those same hills on the return trip with the wind cooling our bodies.  Or pedaling through flat roads, putting the power of my legs behind every stroke.  It feels efficient.  Peaceful.  Empowering.

Efficient in a "I am not wasting time sitting in a car or going to the gym" kind of way.

Peaceful in a "I am not dealing with the stress of traffic on the interstate or other major roads" kind of way.

Empowering in a "I am getting to my destination using the strength of my own body" kind of way.

It is cliche to say it is about the journey and not the destination, but when biking, it feels true.  The journey is often just as fun as the destination, and useful to boot (no gym membership needed!).

After experiencing the joy of life on a bicycle, I cannot imagine going back to the confines of a car.  I love biking through life too much.

(Also, sometimes I sing HP songs about bicycles to the tune of well-known songs, many stolen from the repertoire of the Yellow Bike Project's choir.  Example, to the tune of "This Little Light of Mine": "This little bike of mine / I'm gonna let it ride ... / Put it on a car rack NO! / I'm going to let it ride ... "

And yes, I actually sing that while we are biking.  Another favorite family favorite is "Wheels on the Bike.")


  1. Yes! I love riding my bike too. It really is a joy to zip around town.

  2. Very inspiring. I might just have to get my bike back out. We have been walking a lot, but it isn't always quick enough.

    1. Yes! I lived in your neighborhood my first year out of college and loved walking everywhere. Little Rock was also one of the first place I started regularly biking for transportation, so it holds a special place in my heart.