Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Good

There has been a lot of Good in my life recently.  After weeks of Bad, I feel the need to document these moments so I can look back on it when life inevitably swings the other direction.  A sampling of the Good:

The temperature has dropped enough in the evenings to run the attic fan to cool down the house.  Sleeping with a comforter again = happiness.

Pumpkin-apple steel cut oats (+ almonds) for breakfast.  Hearty and delicious.

Kitchen is thisclose to being finished.  I smile every time I enter, which is often.

An uninterrupted night's sleep.  HP is sleeping through the night (6:45-5:30) five or six nights out of seven.  Sometimes, if we're lucky, he'll even sleep an extra hour after we go in at 5:30.

The adorableness of HP.  There are days when his cuteness is just overwhelming.  HP is smack dab in the middle of the "age of maximum cuteness."  I am soaking it up.

Feeling connected.  I have become more involved with a local mama meetup group and in general have been putting myself out there socially.  (Isn't it weird how much making friends as an adult can feel like dating?  The excitement of possibility, the fear of rejection, the relief at finding someone who "clicks"...)

Stocking the pantry.  I made pickled okra last week and am going to try my hand at fermented okra and pickled pears soon.  (The pear project inspired by Kate Payne of the Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking who demonstrated the process at the farmers' market yesterday.)

Fruit from yesterday's farmers' market trip.
My body.  I feel fit and strong.  Running, biking, yoga, and a return to eating well have made me feel at home in my skin in the best possible way.

Future possibilities.  I have a couple of projects in the works that will (hopefully) bring some balance between my homemaking and professional life.  And by professional, I mean anything not related to raising my son or keeping our home running.

 Fall* is here.  Life is sweet.  Things are Good.

*Technically speaking.  The high is 98 today... but with evenings in the 60s, you will not hear me complaining.

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