Monday, August 5, 2013

Life lately

We are on day five of HP's digestive troubles (less politely known as diarrhea).  Intensitinal issues + bottom molars coming in = very little sleep for our whole family.  As a result, I have only managed a jumble of my random thoughts instead of a coherent post on this Monday morning.

After weeks of discussion, we finally picked out kitchen tile.  We did not go with any of the top contenders from my last post.  Instead we choose something completely different: white squares, with black diamonds.  It's classic, it matches the grey counters, it's mostly white (what I wanted) but still has some interest to it (what Henry wanted), is neutral enough that it likely won't offend future buyers, and it was one of the cheapest tiles we found.  A win all around.  Now, on to the install.

I talked to my mom last week about feeling frustrated (isolated/depressed) about our current location.  She kindly pointed out that this has happened every summer I have lived in Austin.  Am I that predictable?  It appears so.  Here's the post I wrote last year, and one the year before.  That gives me further confirmation that Austin is not our forever home, but it also reminds me that it is a season and I will feel better in the fall.

As much as I have complained about Austin recently, there is much I would miss if we were to leave.  Last night I had the perfect Austin evening with a college friend I see far too little for my liking.  We rode our bikes to Barton Springs, swam in the pool while bats flew overhead, watched the summer musical on the hillside, jumped in the pool once more during intermission, and then biked back home.  Only tacos and sno-cones were missing.  It was lovely, and just what I needed to restore my faith in my life here.

I have been spending all of my free time for the last week reading the A Song of Fire and Ice books (better known by the title of the first book, Game of Thrones).  Prior to this series, I was reading a lot of non-fiction.  Sometimes I forget how much I love fiction, then I'll pick it up again and think "Ahhhhh, this is what has been missing from my life."  I am only partway through the second book so I have many days/weeks of my life to invest in the series.

Here's to a week filled with good books, good friends, and many naps!


  1. This just goes to show that I should probably catch up on the all the posts before I respond... But I love the black & white tile! (If you couldn't tell by the table on my porch.) Can't wait to see it all done, and I hope HP's little bitty intestines settle down soon!

  2. August and January are my bad months, every year. Every single year. I know it now, and so I can cope a tad better. Just a tad.