Friday, August 2, 2013

Kitchen Remodel Part II

Having a one-year old is not conducive to a quick and efficient kitchen remodel.  Shocking, I'm sure.

Nearly two months after starting this project, I am happy to report that we are (finally) almost finished.  The cabinets are painted, the hardware is installed, the cabinet doors are back on, the counters are sealed and waxed, and a new faucet is in place.  All that's left is choosing and installing the tile.

Oh, the tile.

Before we started this process I thought that Henry and I had similar interior decorating tastes.  Well, if I am being honest I would say that I thought that Henry did not care one way or the other--not because he's a man who can't be bothered, but because in the past he has shown little interest in investing money to make something more beautiful.  If it was practical and functional, that was enough.  I thought it would be the same this time.

That assumption was false.

Now we are trying to choose a tile we can both agree on that is within our budget.  I am glad we waited to decide until the cabinets and counters were finished because it makes it a lot easier to visualize which tile will look best.  Easier, but not easy.  Before we get to the top contenders, here's pictures of the kitchen in its current state:

I love this blue penny tile, but Henry is not so sure about the penny tile or the blue.  It will also be more annoying to install than square or subway tiles.

 Photo from Overstock

We've been leaning toward this square tile, but I am not sure how the green will look with the green paint in the house.  It could be the perfect way to bring everything together, or it could clash terribly.  It's hard to tell from a photo on a screen.  I slightly prefer larger tiles (penny tile aside, of course), but I am coming around to these small squares.

Photo from Overstock
I also think something like the one below could look good, though we'd want to install it horizontally, not vertically.

Photo from Overstock
My absolute favorite tile is this lantern tile, but if this isn't our forever house, I am not sure it's worth spending the extra money.  It's more than twice as expensive as the penny tile.

Photo from Overstock
I originally wanted white subway tile like in the photo below, but Henry hates it.  Most ideas he just does not prefer, but this one was vetoed immediately.  After having the counters installed, I can agree that he was right.  We need a some sort of color in the backsplash, otherwise it will feel very monochromatic and boring.  But isn't it beautiful?  So crisp and clean.  Looking at this picture makes me want it all over again...

Photo from Better Homes and Gardens
I do still love the subway look and we could do something like this:

Photo from Better Homes and Gardens
If we go with subway, the issue becomes picking a color.  We don't want to choose green for a solid color since our walls are a light green and it would be hard to not clash but also not be too match-y.  Henry is hesitant to add another color to the kitchen since we already have a lot going on (brown concrete floors, grey counters, white cabinets, light green walls).  I think blue would look good and be inoffensive to future buyers.  Maybe this more narrow rectangular tile?

Image from Overstock
Any and all comments, thoughts, and opinions are welcome.  We are hoping to make a final decision this weekend.


  1. My 3 favorites (beside the lantern tile, which I love the most, but agree would make sense to save for your forever house):
    1. More narrow, blue rectangular tile. It is neutral but will still bring color to the space and I like the idea of something slightly smaller that big subway tile because the space it's going in is smallish. I also like how skinny those particular tiles are.

    2. Blue penny tile. (Still love this, but have no idea how tricky it would be to install)

    3. Small square tile. I think it's interesting, but not too busy, which the other small rectangular one (typhoon) could suffer from a little bit.

  2. Love love love subway tiles.

    The penny and lantern tiles are beautiful too, but I bet you could find subway tiles you both like that would be budget-friendly & great looking & universally appealing to future buyers. (And then definitely put the lantern tiles in your forever house.)

    I don't love the other two (squares & typhoon). I think both of those patterns and color schemes are too common in suburbanite houses. But I'm sure whatever you end up using will be perfect--so impressed with how it looks so far!

  3. Love the countertops, they look awesome. I'm excited to see them with the black and white tile! Remodeling and remaking is so fun, working hard and seeing the progress is rewarding! I love it.

    1. I'd love to see pics of your remodel project, Jody! The before/after shots are so gratifying. We starting tiling last weekend but the second box of tiles was chipped, so we have to wait for a new order to come in before finishing. In a few weeks though, it should be done!

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