Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Entering toddlerhood

On the 4th of July, HP took his first steps.  It was one of those parenting moments I will come back to again and again.  I had heard other parents talk about watching their children meet the major milestones and I thought it couldn't be as great as they described.  Turns out, it is.  Pride, excitement, and happiness all mixed together as I watched HP take two tentative steps toward an empty box.

HP looks and acts more like a toddler every day.  Now that he's actually starting to toddle, there is no denying it.  Infancy and the first year were wonderful.  Hard, tiring, and humbling--but wonderful.  Who can resist the sweetness of a sleeping newborn or an infant who has just discovered his feet?  I will cherish the memories of his first months, but I am more than ready to move into the next stage.  When I glance across the room now, I no longer see the little baby who entered our lives a year ago; I see a curious, independent, little boy.  And I am loving it.

I love that he no longer sticks every object he finds in his mouth.  He can now play in our backyard without the danger of swallowing countless leaves, sticks, and rocks.  He still chews on them occasionally, but I no longer worry that he'll have a stomach full of rocks within five minutes of being let loose.

I love that he is able to communicate with us by pointing or showing us what he wants instead of the crying (by him) and guessing (by us) of the first months.  And adding words to the mix?  I cannot wait to hear what comes out of his little mouth.

I love that he plays little games with us. When Neil gets home from work he and HP head into his room for some play time. Neil will set up obstacle courses for him to climb through--including his own body--and I will hear him laughing and laughing.

I love how much more settled we all feel. HP's got a rhythm, and while it changes from week to week (or day to day), we generally know what to expect. A year in, and our family is more comfortable with our respective roles and routine. It no longer feels like we're struggling to keep our heads above water; we're able to enjoy the swim.

I know, I know. I am sure experienced parents are shaking their head at my naivety of what's to come.  Toddlers have their own set of challenges. I have no doubt that HP will test our patience as he exerts his will and learns his limits. But for now, I am embracing the fun this age brings.

Toddlerhood, here we come!


  1. YAY HP! How fun! I am SO SO SAD I won't get to hang out with you guys tonight.

  2. Toddlers are my favorite. If I could give birth to toddlers, I'd keep having kids, because they're so much fun.