Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Taking a Break

This morning I woke up and read this article by Erica at NW Edible Life and it renewed my desire to make the hours of each day count.  My favorite line is,
"[T]ime is a currency that doesn't pay dividends.  You spend your hour and it's gone.  Please spend your hours on the things you love and cherish and value."
I don't need to fill my days with more activities and productivity (though I am working on that as well), but with more meaning.  I want to spending less time on Facebook and more time walking through the park with HP, less time reading blogs that don't inspire me and more time getting lost in books, less time checking my email and more time laying on the floor playing with my son.

In an effort to not be inspired and then fall back into my regular habits, I'm going to take a Facebook break for the rest of the month.  I periodically find myself needing to take a step back from the social media behemoth to reassess how I use it.  Lately I've been going to the site out of habit, with no real purpose in mind, and leaving feeling less fulfilled than before I went.  I want it to be a tool to connect to friends, not a black hole into which precious hours of my life disappear.

Social media is a tricky beast.  It's a never-ending balancing act to use it in a way that adds joy to my life without wasting my time.  Hopefully these two weeks will allow me to reset my habits and relegate Facebook (and mindless blog browsing) to its proper place in my life.

Because who wouldn't want to spend more time making memories with this child than staring at a screen?

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  1. LOVE the time quote. I am also struggling with social media. Especially now that Miles knows that I am looking at my phone and not him. I am currently evaluating how to use it in a responsible manner. Haven't figured that out yet.