Monday, October 22, 2012

Solo Parenting and Goals Revisited

This week is going to be emotionally and mentally challenging for me.  Henry will be out of the house for HP's bedtime four out of the five nights.  Having him share parenting duties with me for the last one to two hours of HP's day is key to maintaining my sanity.  He's usually home by 4:30, at which point I am ready to hand our child over, start cooking dinner, and swap stories about our days.  Rehashing the day of an almost four-month old in great detail may not be very interesting, but Henry patiently listens as he entertains our son and then regales me with stories from the adult world.  I don't mind being on my own once a week (which is the norm for us), but four times?  I think it may push my parenting/coping abilities to their limit.

Of course the week Henry has to work late is also the week that HP gets his four-month shots.  Not only will I be exhausted from parenting solo most of the week, but at the end of said week, I will likely have a tried, fussy baby on my hands.  He won't be the only tired, fussy member of our household either... I think by week's end we'll all have legitimate claims on those adjectives.

I welcome all positive thoughts and words of encouragement.

Last week was my first attempt at intentionally accomplishing bigger projects (and by bigger I mean small projects that have been hanging over my head for weeks and weeks without getting done).  Here's a quick recap of how I did on my weekly goals.  

Tasks completed:
  • Catch up on uploading pictures to HP's shutterfly site.
  • Sign up for the meet-up group for moms in my neighborhood.
  • Create a meal plan and corresponding grocery list for next week.
  • Write at least one more blog post.
  • Finish thank-you notes.

Tasks still left to do:
  • Organize HP's latest pictures into folders by date.
  • Back-up HP's pictures onto the external hard drive.

I feel good about what I did accomplish.  I can't believe I had been putting off some things, like signing up for the moms' group--it took less than five minutes!  We were also able to cross off a few house projects (like flushing the hot water heater, knocking down wasps' nests, and getting the grass out of the cracks in the driveway), which always feels good.

In light of Henry's work schedule for the week, my main goal will be to make it through the week in one piece.  If I can find the time, I'd like to finish the two incomplete tasks above and start working on organizing the file cabinet.  I have a feeling that project will take more than one week, which is fine.  Slowly, slowly...

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