Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The status of the likelihood of a sibling for HP

Last night I asked Henry how he was feeling about having a second child, and specifically, how likely it was that it would happen (obviously not for a couple of years).  As I mentioned here, we are both concerned about the environmental impact of having children.  (Although after reading this article I feel like we're so screwed anyway that we might as well have more if that will bring us joy.)

When we first discussed the number of children we would like to have (long before marriage was even on the table) I said I wanted three or four.  He said one, maybe two.  I always felt that two was too few (as the youngest of four I just love having siblings!), but I was willing to take the possible fourth child out of the equation and settle on two or three, knowing that two was most likely.  Obviously neither of us had any clue what it was like to have a child and all our discussions were purely theoretical.  How can you really know how many children you want until you know what it's like to raise them?

After becoming pregnant with HP, we agreed that we would wait and see how we feel after his birth/first year before continuing the discussion.  When I popped the question yesterday he looked at me like I was crazy and said there was "maybe a one percent chance" of HP becoming a big brother.  When he asked me the same question I said 80 percent.

Then he laughed.

We'll revisit the issue when HP's a little older and the difficulties of these first weeks have faded a bit from his memory.

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