Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sometime this month

Wolverine will be here.  Oh my.

We're officially in the house now.  The first two nights were spent in a tent in the backyard because the fumes were still bothering me, but as of last night we're sleeping in the house.  Baby steps.

Unpacking.  Slowly, slowly... The kitchen is completely unpacked (except for our regular size plates which seem to have gone missing) along with most of the clothes.  There are still a lot of items--both furniture and boxes--sitting in the garage waiting to be put in their proper place.  By Thursday it should all be done (fingers crossed).  We're trying to put a coat of wax down in every room before we put furniture in it full time and since the wax takes 48 hours to fully cure, we are having to strategically choose which rooms to do first.

Surprisingly I'm feeling good about where we are.  If Wolverine were to come tonight/tomorrow, we'd be okay.  It would be ideal, but it would work.  The more time we have, the better (the list of items to get done on the house seems to grow instead of shrink...), but it no longer sends me into a cold sweat when I think about going into labor.

I had a scare on the night of the 30th when I woke up from a dream that I was in labor.  I was about to go back to sleep, then I realized that I actually was having a contraction.  Talk about bad timing.  Henry was sleeping at the house to open it up and let it air out, all of our stuff was in boxes, we hadn't finished cleaning the apt (that we had to move out of the next day)... Let's just say it would not have been the most convenient time to have a baby.  Luckily I was able to go back to sleep and felt fine in the morning.

As of last night my swollen ankles are back.  Oh, pregnancy!  Even with the swelling, I'm already feeling a twinge of sadness knowing that I only a limited time left in this pregnancy.  This last trimester really flew by.

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