Friday, May 18, 2012

Yellow Countertops

The house we just bought has yellow countertops in the kitchen.  Bright yellow.  They are hideous.  Henry likes them.  It's a problem.

Despite my strong dislike of the countertops, they are not anywhere close to the top of the to-do list at the house.  Small items like removing the crumbling asbestos-ladden ceilings rank a few notches higher.  But the more I look at them?  The higher priority they become.  Since the kitchen opens to the main living/dining area, the countertops are prominent.

Last night I told Henry how much I wanted to put in new countertops.  I just don't feel like bright yellow is "our style" (because it's not; it's ugly).  Up until now I've never really cared about our living space.  As renters, we didn't have a say in most elements of our apartment and I've never been one to decorate.  Now that we're owners and are able to make changes I feel differently.  Everything else in the house will be calming tones that I love.  The countertops just don't fit with the vision.  I feel they aren't "us", but Henry thinks they are.

From his point of view it's not something we would pick out if we were starting from scratch, but that it is "us" to use what's there.  If we were to get new countertops the perfectly good bright yellow ones would just go in the dumpster.  Of course I support diverting items from the landfill, but I really hate the countertops.  Every item of furniture we own, with the exception of our mattress, is second (or third, or fourth) hand.  Why can't we throw out this one thing?

I'm fairly certain Henry's plan is to avoid making a decision and then we'll be too busy adjusting to life with Wolverine to care about the countertops.  The discussion is officially on hold until the end of the summer.  But make no mistake--it will be revisited.

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