Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nearing the end

I’m down to the final weeks before Wolverine makes his/her arrival.  Even if Wolverine is two weeks late, s/he will still be here by this time next month.  There has been so much going on in our lives these past few weeks that I haven’t had time to really process the fact that we’ll have a child in a few days/weeks.

Right around 36 weeks I was ready to throw in the towel on this whole pregnancy gig.  The swelling, the difficulty bending over, the constant fatigue, the aching feet… I was over it.  After two days of feeling like a stranger in my own body I regained perspective and was back to being content with where I am.  Instead of wishing that he/she would come as soon as possible, I am now back to hoping that Wolverine stays in until the due date (June 15) or later so we can get more work done on the house.  (And of course I know that I have no control of Wolverine’s birthday; I’m just stating my preference.)

On Sunday we moved all our furniture (with the exception of a futon mattress) and most everything else we own into our new house.  The original plan was that we would move ourselves as well and make that our sole residence.  Turns out even after a week of airing out the house the fumes from the sealant for our concrete floors are still strong.  In an effort to avoid exposure to VOCs, we’re still staying at the apartment until our lease is officially up at the end of the month.  Living with a very limited number of items at the apartment and traveling back and forth to the house is not ideal, but it’s temporary.  Worse case scenario would be for Wolverine to make his/her debut while we’re still between residences.  All of Wolverine’s clothes and diapers are packed in boxes somewhere and still need to be washed.  I think Henry unearthed the birth kit last night so it would be accessible if need be.  I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that we’re at the point where I could go into labor any day.  How did that happen?

Other pregnancy thoughts:

  • Stretch marks made there appearance last week.  I was hoping to avoid them, but such is life
  •  I’ve been gaining almost two pounds a week for the last few weeks (which might explain the stretch marks).  Slightly alarming, but at this point, what can you do?  My midwife is happy with my weight gain and says I’m right on track and that I’ll need the fat stores for nursing.
  •  Sometimes I wish I could just be naked all the time.  None of my maternity clothes fit anymore (okay, only a few items) and getting dressed feels like such a hassle.
  • My appetite has decreased over the last week or so.  I get full more quickly, probably because Wolverine is encroaching on my stomach space.  No heartburn though, so no real complaints in that department.

That’s the update at 37.5 weeks.

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