Thursday, January 5, 2012

Joining the gym

When we first moved to Austin back in March I contemplated joining a gym.  Henry and I loved the local rec center in my hometown and had enjoyed working out regularly.  I was not expecting to like working out a gym as much as I did, but we became believers, each going to the rec center at least six days a week.

I wanted to join a gym in Austin, but I also wanted to avoid adding another monthly bill by paying to exercise.  Since we don't own a car, exercise becomes a natural part of our day as we go from point a to point b.  At the time, I was working on farms several days a week which provided ample opportunity for physical activity.  After much contemplation, I decided not to join a gym and focus on being active in my every day life.  If I'm being honest, it makes me laugh (and cry) to think about how our society has come to a point where we get so little exercise in our everyday lives that we drive to a gym to walk or bike on a machine.  Ironic, isn't it?

Reservations aside, I took the plunge and joined a nearby gym in December.  With winter weather settling over the city I was getting out less than I had previously.  I want to remain active and fit throughout my pregnancy and knew I was not accomplishing that goal on my own.  Paying someone to belong to a gym motivates me to work out regularly (I hate wasting money) and allows me to swim laps and attend classes--two of my favorite ways to exercise.

While I am not working out at the same intensity that I would have if I were not pregnant, I feel completely energized and like I keep going for hours.  Of course that feeling may not last, but I am enjoying it while it's here.

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