Saturday, March 26, 2011

This is harder than I thought.

Before I started this blog I would think throughout the day, "I could write about that if I had a blog..." or "Wouldn't it be interesting to see what people thought about          ?" Now that I have a blog? Nothing. I've got nothing. I enjoy reading witty, interesting, informative, and amusing blogs. I am not sure mine will fall into any of those categories, but I'm going to write anyhow.

Earlier today I read this NY Times article. It was particularly timely in my life considering I was working two minimum wage paying jobs after receiving my master's degree. I fell into the employed category, but not into the "applying my degree" category (not that the government measures or cares about that). It's not that I believe that utilizing one's degree is key to success--it's not. But there is a problem if a large portion of recent graduates are unable to find jobs that utilize their education and skills. It's demoralizing.

Recently my brother told me that he does not believe that the "path to self-actualization will be through his career." I agree--having tunnel-vision focused on moving up the career ladder does not seem rewarding in the long term, especially if it comes at the expense of building relationships with family and friends. That said, I am filled with a youthful (naive?) optimism that it is possible to find a career that furthers you on the road to happiness. I believe that true happiness stems from relationships, but I would like to think that a career could add to, rather than detract from that happiness. I say all this, but I am not sure what a fulfilling and rewarding career looks like for me. I have to agree with my friend over at Inviting Joy that my true oeuvre will be to raise my children. Everything else? It will fall into place.

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